Saturday, October 17, 2009

Interior Lighting

An entry light on both the driver and front passenger side lights the foot-well area upon entry into the car. Front reading lamps are nicely integrated in the roof console.

Interior Lighting Volvo S40
Interior Lighting Volvo S40

The rear seat reading lamps are recessed in the roof and shaded to avoid dazzling the driver.

Interior Lighting Volvo S60
Interior Lighting Volvo S60

The interior light will fade out 25 seconds after the doors have been closed, but will switch off immediately if the ignition is turned on or the doors are locked.

Power Windows, Front and Rear

The power windows have controls conveniently located in the door armrests. All the windows can be lowered or raised with a quick press of a button.

Power Windows, Front and Rear Volvo S40
Power Windows, Front and Rear (one touch up, one touch down) Volvo S40

They also feature automatic anti-clamp protection and can be locked by the driver—perfect if you're traveling with children.

Power Windows, Front and Rear Volvo S60
Power Windows, Front and Rear (one touch up, one touch down) Volvo S60

Rain Sensor

When the rain sensor is activated, your windshield wipers will start automatically as soon as it starts to rain or water splashes onto the windshield.

Rain Sensor Volvo S40
Rain Sensor Volvo S40

You can even change its sensitivity - or turn it off completely - via a button/ring on the wiper stalk.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Properly inflated tires are important for both handling and low fuel consumption. To help you keep tabs on inflation pressure, tire pressure monitoring technology uses sensors mounted in each tire valve. At speeds from 19 mph and upwards, you will be alerted if the pressure in one or more of the tires is too low.

Rear-Window Defroster with Automatic Timer

The rear-window defroster works in conjunction with the heated side-view mirrors. One touch of the button turns both on. The side mirrors stay heated for approximately six minutes and the rear window for 12 minutes.

2-Speed Windshield Wipers Intermittent Cycle

Efficient wiper blades and washers keep the windshield clean in rain and poor weather. The windshield wiper has two speeds and an adjustable intermittent wiper function. The frequency can be varied quickly and easily using a "+" and "-" control.

Overhead-Mounted Seatbelt Reminder Lights

Seatbelt reminder lights are located just above the rearview mirror on the roof. They remind you to fasten your seatbelt when entering the vehicle.