Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Front Wheel Drive 2

Front wheel drive also offers much more efficient utilization of space. Thus, a greater percentage of the interior space is available for people and possessions. Volvo's advanced front wheel drive system with special equal-length driveshaft geometry is designed to help provide balanced traction even under hard acceleration.

Front Wheel Drive

Front wheel drive, standard on all Volvos except the All Wheel Drive models, provides many advantages over rear wheel drive, such as low-speed traction on slippery surfaces. Getting started on a snowy road is a significant benefit of front wheel drive over rear wheel drive.

Five-cylinder Turbocharged Engine T5

The high-performance five-cylinder T5 engine boasts a turbo-charger and variable all valve timing, delivering an exceptionally quick and powerful response throughout the entire rev range.

Five-cylinder Turbocharged Engine T5 Volvo S40
Five-cylinder Turbocharged Engine (T5) Volvo S40

Complies with stringent emission standards, such as California’s ULEV II.

Load Securing Loops

Part of Volvo's load safety system, the loops help you secure cargo to the load compartment floor with either load securing straps or the elastic luggage net.

Load Securing Loops Volvo S40
Load Securing Loops Volvo S40

Five-cylinder Engine 2.4i

The five-cylinder engine combines a refined yet lively driving experience. Comfort, fast and ample for overtaking and not least, appealing fuel economy, are the benefits to be enjoyed.

Five-cylinder Engine 2.4i Volvo S40
Five-cylinder Engine (2.4i) Volvo S40

Continuously variable inlet valve timing promotes high performance and plenty of response at all revs. The 2.4i is tuned to offer more power at higher revs. Complies with stringent emission standards, such as California’s ULEV II.

Trunk Spoiler

This discreet but efficient color-coordinated trunk spoiler further enhances the car's sporty looks.

Trunk Spoiler Volvo S40
Trunk Spoiler Volvo S40

Increasing rear down force at higher speeds, this spoiler also contributes to superb handling characteristics.

R-Design Exterior Styling

From outside, you’ll immediately appreciate attractive exterior styling including: the ground effects, trunk spoiler, sport tailpipes, front grille and side mirror caps in a tough silver matt finish.

R-Design Exterior Styling Black Volvo S40
R-Design Black Volvo S40

Front Fog Lights 2

Fog and cornering lights in the front spoiler provide better vision when driving in poor visibility or heavy rain or snow.

Front Fog Lights Volvo S40
Front Fog Lights Volvo S40